Do you need a little Inspiration? TED Talks is a Great Solution.

  Everyone needs a little motivation, entertainment or a feel good story. TED talks are short videos of inspiration; they are videos about the leading innovation in every occupation that you can think of. My favorite talk is the Stanford Commencement Speech with Steve Jobs the creator of Apple briefly telling his life story, it is fascinating! You can see it here:

There are no advertisements it is a completely free online resource. If you like the thousands of free videos on the TED website then you can pay $35 this fall to see Redding’s own TEDx event at the Cascade Theater this fall. There is a little bit of something for everyone with the TED Talks videos. This is a link if for twenty most watched videos: nineteen of the videos have over a million views, some of the videos have over seven million views. Some of my favorite videos are; “Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything”, “Susan Cain: The power of introverts”, “Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar” and “Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter”.

I am a mom of a junior high school boy. There is something that happened in Junior High School where the kids become so self-conscious and for my son, his failures seem to weigh so heavy on his shoulders. I remember a kid committing suicide when I was in Junior High School and a kid committed suicide at my son’s school this past year. I started looking for inspirational videos to show him that that what I am telling him about the world is not just another one of mom’s talks. I wanted teach him that he was not alone and there are so many people in the world that are experiencing the same challenges and feelings as him. I wanted to show him that the world is huge, full of endless possibilities and that the things that seems so important now, he probably won’t remember in a couple of years. I get the grown and eye roll and he pretends not to be interested in the videos but I can see the talks really do bring subjects to the table that are important and never really talked about in the ways presented in the TED Talk’s videos; they are a great resource for almost any age. There are even TED Talks about bullying. These videos are a collection of inspirational people giving their personal opinions, every child’s maturity and exposure to the world is different so I would suggest to parents to watch the videos first to make sure they are agreeable to their family values.

  • Gina

    What a nice way to spend some time with you son! So much better than what most parents do, buy them some video games and then tell them to keep themselves busy.

  • Sarah

    I have watched some TED Talks videos and like them. For those of you wondering what TED stands for it is, technology, entertainment and design. TED is a non profit website that features speakers talking about things that matter. They offer free knowledge and inspiration, something were sorely lacking as a society. Most of us blunder about our day as if on auto-pilot. Never getting involved, or caring about things outside our little world. As if were wearing blinders. Well there’s a world out there people. A world outside our little realm and its screaming for our attention. If you don’t know where to start or what to think about or what’s out there start with TED. I found some extremely informative videos on things that I’ve always wondered about but was too embarrassed to speak of or ask others about. Nothing is constant in this life but change and if you want to be in the know and effect this change, then I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your life and checking out the website TED.